Reference Electrodes

Standard Hydrogen Reference Electrode HydroFlex®


The easy way of measuring potentials!

This reference electrode works in every electrolyte.

Measurement error sources like liquid junction potentials or contamination of your electrolyte do not occur. Therefore HydroFlex® is perfectly suited for corrosion measurements.

Also long time measurements up to 6 months without any user action belong to the unique features of HydroFlex®.

For more information about hydrogen reference electrodes please visit:


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Product no.: 81000

All you need to use a HydroFlex!

Contains a reference-electrode, a connector cable, a replacement H2-cartridge and tools.

179.00 *

In stock

Product no.: 81010

H2 reference electrode incl. H2-Cartridge

Easy measurement of potentials at any pH value!

159.00 *

In stock

Product no.: 81020

Mini HydroFlex®
H2 reference electrode incl. H2 Cartridge 12 month.

Easy measurement of potentials at any pH value! Already activated. Ready for measurements

159.00 *

Still in stock

Product no.: 88010
  • Replacement hydrogen cartridge
  • Operating time 1 - 12 months
13.90 *

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Product no.: 80521

Replacement Hydrogen cell

3.00 *
Product no.: 89010

Highly flexible connector lead with Ø 2 mm and Ø 4 mm multilam plug
to connect HydroFlex to e.g. standard multimeters

7.90 *

In stock

Product no.: 88021

For easy replacement of the cartridge.

7.90 *

In stock

Product no.: 89011

Highly flexible test lead with gold-plated stackable Ø 2 mm multilam plugs on both ends

6.00 *
Product no.: 89020

Adaptor with Ø 4 mm plug and Ø 2 mm socket

2.55 *
Product no.: 89021

Adaptor with Ø 2 mm plug and Ø 4 mm socket

3.30 *
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